This is the first portrait that Bloanjay was a legendary street performer since in the episode "Original Regular Street Performing". He also performed during the beginning of Ghostavo's story in "Horror Stories of Shadow Muins Plaza".

Bloanjays portrait2
This is a portrait of Bloanjay being a rockstar on his own band, "Shadow in the Regulars". It was seen in Originular Show's episode title screens and title sequences.

Bloanjays portrait3
This portrait was used for his rockstar upgrade for Season 6. Bloanjay is wearing his jacket this time, especially in the fall and winter.

Bloanjay has the power of the great rockstar for "Shadow in the Regulars". He is the most popular rock legend in Regular City since "Mordecai and the Rigbys". Therefore, this might appear in Season 10 or later.

Bloanjays portrait4
Bloanjay is extremely popular, legendary and immortal as he looks like in the series that Bloanjay is an American icon in Regular City. He has three intrests in one personality.


Blonanjay is experiencing his most powerful street performance for the future episode of Originular Show. Since he's a popular street performer in Regular City, he'll be participating in the 2003 Regular City's 23rd Annual Street Performance Competition!

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