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Mordecai Regularr is an Ancient Bloanjay of the Legend and recently a legendary master and a secondary tritagonist in Originular Show. He was born on his birthday, December 23, 1344 and rised by Sharquetta Gateway on February 14, 1998. He was the main protagonist in his own show called "The Mordecai Show" on Imeperfay's House, The series is created by himself in December 12, 2012. He's created by WMBestovious1439/Wesley Powell. 5 episodes has made so far in his series. He's the #1 ancient master in the Regular Show Productions history.


Mordecai has started to be a legendary godfather of the city of Ancient Woodfall (A.K.A Anfall), which is 30 miles away from Shadow Muins Plaza. He was in Ancientian Class at Mopchinwinmarch on February 14, 1385, and he can learn all the ancient and legendary stuff in class. His name considered as Mordge for short and "Mordecai Marquette Regularr" as his full name. He met his street-performing apprentice, Bloanjay the Red Margaretta. He's famous in 1993 until he started his own club. He had his best friend Rigby Rigerson in his series as well as he messes things up. Plus, he will live the longest until he reaches at age 2014 due to his million-year immortality. in 1439, he was hibernated somewhere in his legendary temple in Ancient Woodfall, but he will be awake every 6 months. During his "Ancient Retornability" legs produces a legendary strong powerful force called the "Double Datek" that triggers electrical voltage on both of his thighs, which occur after every 45 seconds. If anyone holds his legs too long after more than 15 seconds, It sets off over 100 bolts of electricity, and a person gets seriously electrocuted. The Double Datek helps Mordecai to control a magic pen to fix secret diaries and to work on legendary stress bells.

Mordecai's Legendary and Ancient PowersEdit

Mordecai has powers such as, legendary powers, magic powers, ancient powers, and other teleporting powers. He can preform all of his first-class "Retorning Moves". In "Margaret's Secret Diary", he can actually use his powers to power up Skips' magic quill pen so it'll make Margaret's diary transfer to a new one. He can actually transform into a legendary powerful Bloanjay called the "Master of the Ancient Shadows and Rellic". According to Skips, Mordecai allows to close his legendary eyes to listen to Margaret's secrets. He can imagine everything in his secret legendary room (not a bedroom) by his pedestal called the "Imagination Pedestal of the Ancientness and the Legendariness" inside the room of his ancient temple in the city. Also, He's Bloanjay's Master in the series. Skips is Mordecai's Helper in other episodes in his legendary series.

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1. Rigby Rigerson - 2. Skips Taynt - 3. The Bidguys - 4. Benson Tollin Robbins - 5. Pops Maellard - 6. Sharquetta Gateway - 7. Mitchell Strassman

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