Originular Show (Also known as "Original Regular Show") is an American animated Internet series that first debuted on August 14, 2014 with three "Regular Style" episodes and premiered on October 23, 2014 with a very first episode on Dillony Gamehouse Network in the United States.[1] The first episode was released on WMBestovious1439 as a 11-minute prologue on April 16, 2014.[2] This series is created by Jarrone Preston-Gurray "J.P.G" Quaintel from the Dillony Gamehouse Network Production Studios. This series is an official parody of "Regular Show",[3] "The Mordecai Show",[4] and also "Sanjay and Craig".[5] The show's birthdate is on September 6, 2014. Originular Show never ends and have no conclusions due to popularity based on the number of unlimited episodes for the future of YouTube. The series has been watched by over 23,000 people for the past 5 years since its debut.

(Originular [noun]: Originally popular, legendary, regularly awesome)

  • Originular Show is rated "COM-PG-Yellow/Indigo" for suggestive humor or mild language and "COM-PG-V/Purple" for mild or moderate fantasy violence and mild bloodity.

On September 6, 2015, Dillony Gamehouse's Adventure celebrates the "Originular Show" series' birthday party, with new birthday bumpers and the season premiere of the series.[6] On June 30, 2019, It was officially announced that the celebration block will return with the episode special "Gartails' Original Regular Birthday".

Plot - about the seriesEdit

In the series, it was the year 1998, which is actually 2014 in the real world. This series is about an immortal 21-year old hybrid Red Margaretta named Benson Nathan Alexander von StevenFellsmore XIV nicknamed "Bloanjay" who does all the rocking and mature activities like street performing, being a band rocker and the Chief Leader of his new club called "The Red Shadowing." His club is in Shadow Muins Plaza in the town of Regular City.

Two Baltimores residents named Ghiff and Ghostavo - they always slack off to much. The other two are enemies named Cholony and Dall - they fight each other for no reason. Sharquetta is the #1 best witch in the 1990s - She does all the legendary things and discover the Baltimors kids about Mordecai Regularr from Ancient Woodfall. Later after that, Bloanjay and Ghostavo are now "colflings" in episode 2 (fourth episode overall) like in Regular Show. However, in the anternative universe, Bloanjay and Gartails are now best friends forever after Ghostavo saved his life. As of Season 3, Ghiff and Ghostavo are no longer secondary stars for the rest of the show. Bloanjay is now an official star of the entire series and appears in every episode and season.

Episode productionEdit

According to the Dillony Gamehouse's Adventure Board of Broadcasting, Margaret Smith explained to JPG Quaintel that Gartails is expected to return to this series after the Halloween special. As a result, Bloanjay and Gartails will continue being best friends and Ghostavo will still be a club member of The Red Shadowing in the altered past. Originular Show was scheduled to reach more than 30 years in the future with the unlimited production of episodes and seasons. The series is considered as "Baltimore's favorite Internet show in Maryland".

The series has renewed for a third season on July 23, 2016, and it premiered on January 19, 2017. On November 25, 2018, JPG Quaintel confirms that the animated Internet film is in development, featuring all the DGN shows from the YouTube channel. On November 29, 2018, Originular Show is launching the new format in 2020, prior to the show's 7 years of the official series premiere.[7]

Popular Culture in the seriesEdit

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Regular show a Cartoon Network original
According to the Regular Show Stermal Company, the series on Cartoon Network updated the title screen after 4 years in 2010 with a subtitle in season 6 and it's rebranded as "Regular Show: A Cartoon Network Original" as Originular Show's new popular culture as the stermal company's agreement stated that the world may upgrade to a hybrid. That means Originular Show and Regular Show are "spoof brothers" and they're members of the Popular Show family. After season 7 started airing, the "A CARTOON NETWORK ORIGINAL" subtitle was taken off the Regular Show title screens, then was restored in each other episodes and stayed permanently for the rest of the series like "We Bare Bears". Unlike Regular Show, Originular Show has a subtitle also since March 24, 2016. However, the stermal company was permanently closed on December 30, 2016 due to the show ended on January 16, 2017. Originular Show surpassed the series finale of Regular Show after premiered the series' first legendary episode "Sharquetta's Original Regular Ancient Adventure".

However, in Mopeois City, the subtitle is forbidden on the title screen. This series has two co-stermals (Mighty Magiswords & Rick and Morty overall) to participate in the competition called BOTAS (Battle of the Animated Shows) against Regular Show and other television shows. However, Henry Danger was eliminated from the series' team due to severe interferences with the stermal, and was replaced by Game Shakers. However, the other stermal company called the Rick and Morty Stermals Department, has jointed the OSSCS on  on January 23, 2017. Regular Show has two prestermals as well (Mopeois City & Sanjay and Craig) in order to become a parody spoof brother with Originular Show.

In 2016, BOTAS will have a "Margaret's Diary" stermal on September 8, 2016 to become a parody spoof mother (Obviously it premiered earlier in the year before the day of the stermal). Sanjay and Craig has ended on July 29, 2016 because Nickelodeon was unable to keep the series due to 120 episodes. After Regular Show ended with its final season, Originular Show continues to air for the next 35 years. This will be the world's longest running series to surpass The Simpsons and Regular Show.

The Department of Phineas and Ferb Stermals Incorporated opened their first two stermals called "Chowder" and "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack", which they've been combined as "Chowder and Flapjack"They recently opened the modern stermals ("Regular Show", "Originular Show", "Sanjay and Craig" and "Rick and Morty"). However, "Harvey Beaks" is their final stermal to be opened before the closing of the department.

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Original Regular TriviaEdit

  • in the episode "Bloanjay's Original Regular Rock Concert", Originular Show will include "A Dillony Gamehouse's Adventure Original", a subtitle never displayed in the last 3 episodes of the second season.
    • Starting with the season 2 finale, the subtitle was changed as "A Dillony Gamehouse Network Original" throughout the third season.
    • On June 23, 2018, It was announced that the subtitle will be discontinued as of 2019 and will be replaced with the Dillony Gamehouse Network logo and wordmark as the tagline.
  • "Originular Show", and its title is an official parody of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show .
  • One of Originular Show's episodes are uploaded to DGA Dailymotion because of the inappropriate contents with the episodes on YouTube since The Deskitell Family of Cavalier. However, the show was returned airing on YouTube when they started doing premiere tests on RegularSeasonDSC2000.
  • In Season 3, Gh's name is now called "Ghiff" for some reason. The name "Gh" is certainly confusing for most YouTubers.


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Primary Characters



Benson Nathan Alexander von StevenFellsmore XIV, A.K.A "Bloanjay" is the main protagonist of "Originular Show". He is a 21 year old Red Margaretta in the series. Bloanjay started his own band called "Shadow in the Regulars." He wants to be the powerful rocker in the '90s. Later, he is the street performer. Plus, he also started the penthouse club called "The Red Shadowing", it is the most popular club in a large apartment building called "Shadow Muins Plaza" in the Downtown area called Regular City.

Voiced By: Jarrone Preston-Gurray "J.P.G" Quaintel

Sharquetta GatewayEdit


Sharquadeline Jennifer Gateway, A.K.A "Sharquetta" is the main/primary tritagonist from the Series Originular Show. She is a 14-year old legendary Teen-Zuan Xay from Ancientia, Mopegypt. She is the manager of The Red Shadowing. Sharquetta follows Bloanjay to discover other legendary realms in Shadow Muins Plaza. She raises Mordecai Regularr with her spell - She is a legendary witch at "Mordecai's Statue".

Voiced By: Angelica Gamehouse


Gemerald "Ghiff" Baltimores
Ghifferson Ghemerald Baltimores nicknamed "Ghiff" is the first secondary deuteragonist in "Originular Show". He was the adventurer in "Dillony Gamehouse Quest".[8] It's the 10-world event on WMBestovious1439 and Willampowell9. The event is that Ghiff is saving Queen Powerhouse in Thunderhouse's castle where an evil grim reaper lurks in his lair. In this series, he slack off too much with Ghostavo. In Season 3, Ghiff knows how to drive after passing his test at the Regular City Department of Motor Vehicles.
Voiced By: Echosac Pet Alien
Ghifferson "Ghostavo" Baltimores
Ghostavicazo Ghregory Baltimores or "Ghostavo" is the second secondary deuteragonist from the series "Originular Show". He was in "Dillony Gamehouse Quest" as well. He was home baby-sit their younger brothers Cholony and Dall - who argue both each other in first part of the MSPaint film. They do the same in this series, too. Ghostavo goes to middle school with his best friend Stevern, a raccoon who was almost related to Rigby from Regular Show.
Voiced By: Wednesley Goates
Cholony and Dall
Cholony and Dall are the secondary deuteragonists from the series "Originular Show". They are the main antagonists of each other and enemies. In "Dillony Gamehouse Quest", they argue about getting on the computer. When they fight each other in this series, Bloanjay attempts to break it up potentially. They don't always fight in every episode or season. These are the the third secondary deuteragonists for the series.
Cholony - Voiced By: Admiral Masterhand
Dall - Voiced By: Shorty Omega

Mordecai Regularr - The Ancient Bloanjay of the LegendEdit

Mordecai Regularr is an Ancient Bloanjay of the Legend and particularly a legendary master and a former primary cameo in "Originular Show". He was the main protagonist in his own internet show called "The Mordecai Show" on Imeperfay's House. However, the series was used to be cancelled in 2015, then was remastered in 2016 as the season 2 premiere. He can actually transform into a legendary powerful Bloanjay called the "Master of the Ancient Shadows and Rellic". According to Skips, Mordecai allows to close his legendary eyes to listen to Margaret's secrets. A "Bloanjay" is the same as the main protagonist's nickname. As of season 3, Mordecai departed his appearance and no longer exist in Originular Show.
Voiced By Himself - Lower Pitch


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# Season Episodes Premiere Date End Date
1 8 August 14, 2014 March 12, 2015
2 7 September 6, 2015 December 15, 2016
3 14 January 19, 2017 TBA

Originular Show's stermal partners Edit

# Stermal Partner Name Stermal Type Opening date Closing date
1 Henry Danger Superhero Stermal Superheroic Action October 25, 2014 August 28, 2017
2 Regular Movie Stermal Regularity


October 12, 2015 July 23, 2016
3 Margaret's Diary Secret Stermal Ancient/Legendary


January 2, 2016 May 23, 2017
4 Mighty Magiswords Stermal Royalty October 13, 2016 August 23, 2018
5 Mysticons Legendary Stermal Legendary


January 1, 2018 July 30, 2018
6 Piper Willowbrook Stermal Community Ancient/Legendary


September 23, 2018 TBA
7 Infinity Train Stermal Mysterious Fall 2019 TBA
8 Villainous Horrific Stermal Black Evilness 2020 TBA



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