Primary Premiere Date Secondary Premiere Date Finale Date
August 14, 2014 October 23, 2014

PFD: February 26 2015

SFD: March 12, 2015

Originular Show - First Season Poster
The complete first season in the animated series Originular Show has aired on August 14, 2014, with "Original Regular Street Performing" and concluded on March 12, 2015, with "St. Patrick's Original Regular Day".
List of Episodes in Originular Show

List of Episodes Edit

No. in series No. in season Title Written and Storyboarded By Release Date
1/3 1 "Bloanjay's Original Regular Activities" JPG Quaintel & Rike Moth August 14, 2014

EPISODE #1: "Original Regular Street Performing": Bloanjay has obsessed with street performances and decided to indulge with his best moves in Shadow Muins Plaza; Ghostavo wants to perform on the street.

EPISODE #2, SEGMENT #1: "Original Regular Non-Paying Ghostavo": Ghostavo is forced to work at The Red Shadowing when he didn't pay for his clock burgers.

EPISODE#2, SEGMENT #2: "Original Regular Gingerbread Men": The Gingerbread Men take care of Bloanjay's penthouse to earn more money.

EPISODE #3: "Original Regular Comedy Jokes": Bloanjay and the club members join in to see who tells comedy jokes the most gets a comedian badge in The Red Shadowing.

Rating: COM-PG

4 2 "The Life of an Original Regular Gartails" Sam Windows & Andreas Saliff October 23, 2014
Gartails buys a new video game and console for Gh and Ghostavo, but later it wreaks havoc outside Shadow Muins Plaza.

Song: "Final Battle" from "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door"

Rating: COM-PG-V

5 3 "Original Regular Colfling's Tasks" Margaret Smith & Maddeline Cavaliers October 30, 2014
Bloanjay and Ghostavo goes on a 75-minute journey. But later, Cholony and Dall finds out what their up to in the city.

Rating: COM-PG

6 4 "Original Regular Slumber Party" Rigby Rigerson, Pops Maellard and Mordecai Regularr January 8, 2015
Ghostavo experience from his former adventurers from DG Quest and ends up wreaks havoc with their activities.
7 5 "Original Regular Internet Access" Pops Maellard, Skips Taynt and Sam Windows February 6, 2015
The club members goes to web-surfing by Bloanjay's wishes.
8 6 "St. Patrick's Original Regular Day" Andreas Saliff February 26/March 12, 2015
Season Finale: Bloanjay helps Ghostavo to go to his dream by preforming a legendary seance. When Ghostavo dreams about St. Patrick's Day, he wants to chase a leprechaun in the park, like from Regular Show. Gingy ruins the seance and the statue ends up outside Shadow Muins Plaza. It's up to Bloanjay to destroy it before the statue takes the building away. Season Finale


These volumes airs on Imeperfay's House with monthly schedules.

Volume Title Release Date Runtime Episode No.
1 "Bloanjay's Original Regular Activities" March 21, 2015 24 minutes Episodes 1-1, 1-2 & 1-3
2 "Original Regular Complete Disasters" April 7, 2015 27 minutes Episodes 2, 3 & 6
3 "Ghostavo's Original Regular Slumber Blitz" April 16, 2015 20 minutes Episodes 4 & 5