Premiere Date Finale Date
September 6, 2015 December 15, 2016
OS-Season 2
The complete second season in the animated series Originular Show has aired on September 6, 2015, with "Gh's New Original Regular Kidney in Town" for the series' first birthday. This is the first and longest running season of the series to reach December 2016.
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List of Episodes in Originular Show

List of Episodes Edit

No. in series No. in season Title Written and Storyboarded By Release Date
9 1 "Gh's New Original Regular Kidney in Town" Pops Maellard, Skips Taynt and Sam Windows September 6, 2015

When Gh injest toxic chemicals in his homemade Regular Energy drink, he suffers kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant; Bloanjay and Sharquetta help make Ghosatavo happy after "Mordecai and Rigby" is cancelled.

NOTE: This episode airs on the series' birthday.

10-11 2-3 "Horror Stories of Shadow Muins Plaza" Pops Maellard, Skips Taynt, Sam Windows, JPG Quaintel, Miles Prower and Andreas Saliff October 12, 2015

The club members tell scary stories on Halloween night.

Evil Computer: Gh gets terrified when he sees a Tails Doll portrait on the computer in the middle of the night.

Flapjack of Death: Ghotstavo find a dangerous flapjack that sits across the street, then it ends up killing him.

Flat Screen Television: Gh and Ghostavo buys a new product that was special, and are forced to give the second television to the augustian named Auguseptember Octovember.

NOTE: This is the first Halloween special of the series as a culture from " Regular Show: Terror Tales of the Park".

12 4 "Ghostavo Saves Gartails' Original Regular Life" Pops Maellard, Skips Taynt, Sam Windows November 25, 2015

When Gartails got killed in a two-truck accident in The Life of an Original Regular Gartails, Ghostavo must go back in time to save his life.

NOTE: This episode airs on the day of the new movie called "Regular Show: The Movie ".

13 5 "Bloanjay's Original Regular Rock Concert" Rigby Rigerson, Pops Maellard, Mordecai Regularr December 3, 2015

When Bloanjay's band crew got fired for being too late to arrive at Shadow Muins Plaza, he chooses Ghostavo, Gh and Sharquetta must find his new band crew to reunite "Shadow in the Regulars" and perform at a rock concert.

  • This is the first time this episode airs on Dailymotion.
  • The episode was restored on YouTube on February 5, 2017.
14 6 Original Regular Electrical Robot Chopper Andreas Saliff, Pops Maellard March 24, 2016

When Gh thinks that the robot is Ghostavo's iFather, he must destroy it with a mouse axe.

NOTE: A mouse axe is a computerized object that chops robots, and does not harm people in Regular City.

15 7 "Original Regular Support Beam" Pops Maellard, Skips Taynt, Sam Windows December 15, 2016

Gh and Ghostavo uses the support beam as a battering ram to open a safe, and has to buy a new one before half of Shadow Muins Plaza comes down in 5 hours. Season Finale

NOTE: This episode airs before the series finale of Regular Show.


The following Dailymotion releases will be announced until the last episode of the season.

Season NotesEdit

Starting with this episode "Bloanjay's Original Regular Rock Concert", the Originular Show title screen has the subtitle "A DILLONY GAMEHOUSE'S ADVENTURE ORIGINAL" below it than Regular Show. However, due to the upcoming name of Dillony Gamehouse Network and the series' new title sequence, the subtitle was changed. It also will have a new subtitle "A DILLONY GAMEHOUSE NETWORK ORIGINAL" in the intro starting with "Original Regular Support Beam".

The second season was originally planned for 10 episodes, but was cut to 7 episodes due to the final three episodes of Mopeois City and the legendary episodes of Margaret's Diary.