Sharquadeline Jennifer Gateway, A.K.A "Sharquetta" is the main tritagonist from the Series "Originular Show". She is a 16-year old legendary Teen-Zuan Xay from Ancientia, Mopegypt. She is created by WMBestovious1439/Wesley Powell. She is the manager of The Red Shadowing. Sharquetta follows Bloanjay to discover other legendary realms in Shadow Muins Plaza. She raises Mordecai Regularr with her spell - She is a legendary witch at "Mordecai's Statue". She is voiced by Angelica Gamehouse, Dillony's Daughter from Gamehouse Emeralds.


Sharquetta starts to be an ancient teenage witch in the Ancientia area. She was the best witch in Shadow Muins Plaza. She help Gh's kids to discover the ancient realm, and she is the club manager in The Red Shadowing since she manages Bloanjay to make sure everything is settled. She visits other temples, dungeons and towers to put a spell on every monster in each dungeon. Therefore, she doesn't like Super Team from Super Mario Strikers because it's a robottic nightmare who has many teams on the field. In the basement of Shadow Muins Plaza, Sharquetta found the legendary shaft in 1996 when she was 12 years old. It has a trapdoor, and a platform that look like an elevator. She will wait until 1998. After 3 years, Sharquetta will be able to fall within 214 feet into the shaft all the way to her first legendary secret hideout beneath the building. The shaft will be Sharquetta's legendary bedroom called the "Teen-Zuan Xay's Chamber". In order to get back up in the basement, she will get on the platform to go up 94 miles faster to Bloanjay's condominium. Bloanjay won't noticed that Sharquetta went to her secret room. The Ancient Mayian will turn into a magic house later after Season 3 premieres.

In the upcoming third season, Sharquetta's style was upgraded to be more legendary and magical. She will be the "Princess of the Teen-Zuan Xay's Chamber".

Sharquetta's FriendsEdit

1. Bloanjay - 2. Mordecai Regularr - 3. Ghiff's Kids - 4. Anathan the Retshire - 5. Blondecai - 6. Skips Deskitell - 7. Skips Taynt - 8. Gartails

Other CharactersEdit

Primary CharactersEdit

Bloanjay - Gh - Ghostavo - Gingy - Gingel

Secondary CharactersEdit

Cholony and Dall - Mordecai Regularr

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