The Baltimores Residents are family members from the series Originular Show. The list of residents are at the bottom of this article. The family has their first appearance in Dillony Gamehouse Quest, released on December 7, 2013. They were drawn in September 8, 2009 and returned in November 23, 2013 for a reproduction of the student film.

Ghiff BaltimoresEdit

Gh B

Ghifferson Baltimores nicknamed "Ghiff" is the first primary deuteragonist in "Originular Show". He was the adventurer in "Dillony Gamehouse Quest". It's the 10-world event on WMBestovious1439 and Willampowell9. The event is that Ghiff is saving Queen Powerhouse in Thunderhouse's castle where an evil grim reaper lurks in his lair. In this series, he slack off too much with Ghostavo. In Season 3, Ghiff knows how to drive after passing his test at the Regular City Department of Motor Vehicles (RS-DMV).

Voiced By: Echosac Pet Alien - Drawn by Wesley Powell


Ghostavo B

Ghostavicazo Baltimores or "Ghostavo" is the second primary deuteragonist from the series "Originular Show". He was in "Dillony Gamehouse Quest" as well. He was home baby-sit their younger brothers Cholony and Dall - who argue both each other in first part of the MSPaint film. They do the same in this series, too. Ghostavo goes to middle school with his best friend Stevern, a raccoon who was almost related to Rigby from Regular Show.

Voiced By: Wednesley Goates - Drawn by: Wesley Powell

Cholony and DallEdit

Cholony and Dall are the secondary deuteragonists from the series "Originular Show". They are the main antagonists of each other and enemies. In "Dillony Gamehouse Quest", they argue about getting on the computer. When they fight each other in this series, Bloanjay says to break it up potentially. They don't always fight in every episode or season. These are the the third secondary deuteragonists for the series.

Cholony - Voiced By: Admiral Masterhand

Dall - Voiced By: Shorty Omega


  • In Dillony Gamehouse Quest, HSB, Masterhand and Thiff (Dylan Thunderhouse) visited Bloanjay's apartment for a slumber party in "Original Regular Slumber Party".
  • The Baltimores Residents are drawn and created in 2009.
  • Gh's name is now called "Ghiff" due to a pronounciation difficulties with the letters "Gh" that YouTubers are confused with it.
  • The student film Dillony Gamehouse's Adventure Jr. was never finished due to system failure on Windows XP.
    • However, the film production was restored and changed in 2013.
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