"The Red Shadowing" is Bloanjay's official club in Shadow Muins Plaza in the animated series Originular Show. This club is much popular than other clubs in the building since 1993. The club has all club members are: Bloanjay, Sharquetta Gateway, Ghiff, Ghostavo, and even Gartails. Shadow Muins Plaza's The Red Shadowing has its own operating system in allowed computers is Shadows 98, a customization of Microsoft/Microhard's Winwakers 98. The Red Shadowing is also parody of a local park in Regular Show . Bloanjay's club members sometimes go on "Sharquetta's Ancient Adventure" on a daily schedule. Ghiff never follows the rules of this club when he always slacking off just like Mordecai and Rigby does in Regular Show from Cartoon Network. The official oath of The Red Shadowing is always important to every club member in Shadow Muins Plaza. (For example: "We're The Red Shadowing, let us follow the rules, we will never break the promise, our promises are good, we are members, we are The Red Shadowing!") Bloanjay's personal oath is much official in the series.

List and gallery of club members in The Red ShadowingEdit

Kid Interns/GuestsEdit

  • Cholony
  • Dall
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