Winwakers 98
Mytrosoft/Retrohard Winwakers 98
is Shadow Muins Plaza's favorite operating system from 1998 created from Mytrosoft/Retrorhard Corporation as Windows 98 released in stores from Microsoft Corporation. It runs on desktops and laptops including the Baltimores family's computers. Winwakers 98 was used in the animated series Originular Show since in the first episode "Original Regular Street Performing" as Ghiff and Ghostavo plays a game to see who's the winner. this operating system contains 728 GB of memory and 175 core duo processor. In Regular Show, the park computer has no operating system name just like this series.


  • Winwakers 98 Desktop
    Internet Adventure is Winwakers 98's internet browser for web surfing, and even has PaperMarioTube (now called YoursTube), for video sharing.
  • Designer Plus 98 is a word document software program that anyone can write or even put pictures on it with printer requirements and ink arrangements. E-Designer Plus is just a program in Regular Show.
  • ArtPainting is the art-creating program for drawing images and editing pictures like Microsoft Paint.

Version: 98.6 (Service Pack 7)

Memory: 728 GB of RAM

Core: 175 C. duo processor

Released: June 23, 1998

Animated series: Originular Show

Appearance: "Original Regular Street Performing"

Editions: Business, Home, First, Second, Third

Publisher: Mytrosoft/Retrohard Corporation